The price of wedding makeup and hairstyles in Italy

The price of wedding makeup and hairstyles in Italy

A wedding is one of the main events in the life of every person, where the bride and groom of course want to look beautifully. For women who are planning a wedding celebration, our stylists and makeup artists offer services of festive makeup and hairstyles.

Features of wedding hairstyle and makeup

On this day, we especially strive to emphasize the tenderness of the bride, her beauty, romanticism and sentimentality. Wedding makeup should be discreet, persistent, it has to be in harmony with the outfit and favorably set off all the advantages of a girl or woman.

Our professional stylists will help you find the perfect image, apply shadows, powder, lipstick so that they not only look great in person, but also look beautiful in memorable photos.

As for the hairstyle, on this solemn day, you can give free rein to imagination and bold experiments. At the wedding, the following hairstyles will be appropriate:

  • with tiaras;
  • with interweaving of flowers and multicolored ribbons;
  • with false strands;
  • with a veil.

Many brides want to see in advance how they will look at the main event in their lives. Therefore, we practice rehearsing makeup and hairstyle on the eve of the celebration. This allows you to provide all the details and take into account the necessary nuances.

Experienced stylists and hairdressers will offer ready-made options for interesting and stylish hairstyles.

But if the bride has her own ideas about makeup and hairstyle, our masters will bring them to life. The rehearsal on the eve of the wedding will allow you to clearly determine the time that will be required for the implementation of all fantasies, will give you the opportunity to choose the right tools and cosmetics.

Cost of services

Prices for wedding hair and makeup in Italy are calculated individually. The cost of services depends on the complexity of the composition, the length of the hair, additional elements and accessories, the need to dye hair or weave in some artificial curls.