Makeup and hairstyle for the bride’s mother: the main rules

The bride’s Mother… Most of you will probably agree that at any wedding, she is, if not the main character, then not a minor one! No wonder, they say – do you want to know what your wife will look like in 20 years? Look at her mother! And if you pay such close attention to mothers, it means that you need to approach the creation of her festive image, makeup and hairstyle as responsibly as possible.

Makeup for Mom

If young girls may create makeup themselves, it is very desirable that the makeup and hairstyle of the bride’s mother was created by a stylist! Only a professional makeup artist can take into account all age-related features of the skin and appearance in general and create the most successful image taking into account the individual style of the heroine.

Too flashy bold colours will clearly not be appropriate here. The bride’s mother should be an example of elegance and an icon of style. Only a professional can correctly combine the trends of modern fashion and the beauty industry, allowing for the age, and harmoniously combining all features with each other!

Secrets of professional makeup from a makeup artist

A few secrets from our makeup artists and stylists: focus on skin radiance — try to make it as fresh as possible. Do not ignore the means with the lifting effect (they will help you visually lose a few years). Choose a waterproof mascara — no one is safe from tears of happiness at a wedding! Give preference to nude shades, while correctly placing accents. And, of course, a delicate correction. There is no need to compete with the bride and try to play the role of her sister, not her mother. But a competent soft correction, which will only emphasize the charm of adulthood, will be quite appropriate!