Femininity and perfection of the bride: types of wedding makeup

Femininity and perfection of the bride: types of wedding makeup

Wedding makeup is the final touch to the image of the bride and one of the serious reasons for the girl’s experiences on the eve of the wedding. But don’t we all strive for the best wedding scenario? So, it means that you should entrust the care of your appearance to a good wedding stylist from A&Co. Bridal Beauty, to get a perfect result and a good mood in the end.

What the perfect image of the bride should be: types of wedding makeup

Every professional wedding makeup artist knows that he (or she) must do everything possible to make the bride look natural and luxurious, be calm and confident. And most importantly, that she does not experience a desire to regularly correct her hair, improve the lipstick pattern and check whether the mascara is falling off.

Taking care of the quality of cosmetics, which guarantees the durability of the make-up, the wedding stylist will pay all his attention to makeup and hairstyle, offering the girl one of these options:

  • Classic: for makeup, a light palette and glitter cosmetics are used, while highlighting either the eyes or the lips.
  • Natural: light and unobtrusive makeup that accentuates the eyes and expressive facial features. The image is as natural as possible – the hair is loose and styled in a wave shape, the make-up is almost invisible, but the femininity and sophistication are emphasized.
  • Elegant: a striking but discreet make-up that clearly outlines the contours of the eyebrows and emphasizes the eyes. The palette is natural, not flashy.
  • Extravagant: bright colour scheme, expressive lips and eyes. The stylist can switch on all his imagination and create a truly original wedding image.

Features of wedding makeup or why choose the services of a wedding stylist

Even if you know how to do a perfect makeup yourself, the excitement caused by the solemnity of the moment, and organizational concerns may affect the quality of the make-up. The makeup artist will give you invaluable time for a “respite” before the wedding ceremony and give a little “magic” to the image. Professional stylists focus on such details:

  • for blue eyes, choose blue, turquoise or silver shadows and light eyeliners;
  • brown eyes can be accentuated with brown, olive, and golden eye shadows, and a combination of several shades is allowed;
  • lipstick can be bright if the eyes are highlighted with arrows;
  • the eyebrow pencil should be one tone darker than the hair colour;
  • mascara should lengthen the lashes and give the eyes volume, though excessive layers make the look heavier and the image gets vulgar.

All the subtleties of make-up for special occasions are known to the best wedding stylists of A&Co. Bridal Beauty. Meet your master in advance and make a trial makeup, focusing on the bride’s dress and a bouquet, and on the day of the celebration, the wedding stylist will go to the house to create a magnificent makeup and a beautiful hairstyle.