Choosing the wedding stylist: How?

Choosing the wedding stylist: How?

There’s nothing worse than walking out of a salon with a ruined haircut, but when it happens on your wedding day, it can be a disaster. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the best wedding stylist.

Consider your budget

For brides who do not know where to start their search, it is worth paying attention to the budget. You need to think how much of the wedding funds you want to donate to beauty spending. This will narrow down the selection of stylists and hairdressers.

Do not worry if the budget for the wedding image is relatively small. You can find talented wedding stylists for makeup and hairstyles, whose services match any price range. But you need to keep in mind that you will have to pay more for some services, for example, for colouring or perming.

Talk to your friends, relatives and potential candidates

People you know can recommend great stylists and makeup artists at affordable prices. It is a good idea to look for around and see if you can find talented craftsmen.

You’ll be working closely with your stylist in the weeks leading up to the wedding, so it is of utmost importance to find someone you can trust. A stylist should be able to understand your needs and translate them into a work of art on your ‘big day’.

When you meet potential candidates in person or contact them by phone, try to carefully assess whether you are compatible on both a personal and professional level. If you feel that you are being rushed, patronized, or underestimated as a client, then it is better to move on to the next stylist.

Read the reviews and check the portfolio

If friends or acquaintances cannot recommend a beauty salon or a wedding stylist that you like and who will come home, you need to seek advice on the Internet. Reviews on websites and in social networks help you find really good specialists. Photos of their previous works in the portfolio allow you to see whether a particular stylist matches your vision.

In our company there are masters who specialize in individual services. They will choose image that suits you, including the perfect bouquet for the bride, make a chic hairstyle and wedding makeup. Each master is carefully selected and trained and has an extensive portfolio. Before working, all the details of the future image are thought out, ideal references are selected.